Your Best Friend For Collecting Leads!

Team Hooper Labs.
November 9, 2021

Order management and fulfillment, especially those which involve physical goods which need to be manufactured and shipped is a heavily complex and complicated workflow.
It is always a delicate dance among various departments with varied processes, approvals, and most importantly, different deadlines.

The first step in this process order capturing. The way and method of order capturing is very essential to keep the entire supply chain efficient.

We strongly suggest you collect leads or order information who are interested in your product or services on your website with a simple form.

The form should essentially have fields to enter their name, email, phone number, and a field to enter their query or order details.
If you have a product or service catalog, it is much better if you can enable people to select your product or services for their query.


Having a form on your website to take orders will make the order fulfilling process faster as you do not have to manually enter it into an excel sheet. This also reduces human error and redundant work.

By enabling product catalog selection, helps you and your team to quickly identify for which product or service a lead is interested in or has an order placed.

How Hooper solves it?

Hooper can directly integrate with the backend of your website to a web form and directly pull the information and have it stored on your company's internal Hooper environment.
It will notify the relevant people or teams based on rules and roles defined by you.

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Team Hooper Labs.