Field Operations

Give your field teams the power of mobility. Enable them to track assets and deliveries, update information, add images and files; and make the most of their smartphones and tabs, while in the field.

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Unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, user friendly interface, accessible from anywhere.
With Hooper, you are always ready to take on challenges!


Stay Connected, Wherever You Are!

Circumvent discrepancies by staying connected and with real time updates for optimised execution

The correct information at the right time. From anywhere And any device.

  • Your field teams rely on having the right information at their fingertips, whether working at their desks or when going on-site.
  • Storing this data in spreadsheets and legacy systems can slow them down, resulting in missed deadlines, errors and waste.
  • With the Hooper platform, equip your teams with the tools they need to better manage their day with a tailored field services solution that matches your business.

Mobile-First Tools for a Mobile-First Team

  • Field reps can go out into the field completely connected. Equipped with all relevant information - customer-related data, deliveries scheduled, their tasks, etc. - they can close tasks and issues faster, and do more everyday.
  • They can further update their tasks with relevant information, images and documents that help make back-office support seamless.
  • Field reps can be given the right kind of user perspectives - a way to show them only contextual information and create action items. This means that they can excel in the field without having to sort through cluttered data from spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

Consolidate. Track. Gain Insights.

  • With location-based tracking, you can track your field reps in real-time, creating accountability. Transparent processes = efficient teams!
  • Configure a summary dashboard for field services can be configured in minutes, allowing you to get a birds-eye view of how your teams are doing. KPI’s pertaining to your process can be picked to get further insights based on metrics that matter to you.
  • These insights can be filtered by various parameters - location, field rep, number of calls, etc.
  • With Hooper, stakeholders can make data-driven decisions to improve processes, revenue and customer satisfaction.

One platform for integration and workflow orchestration

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