Customized Solutions For Your Each Unique Use Case

Team Hooper Labs
November 15, 2021

Most often than not, every B2B company uses the same set of tools and methods even though each company is entirely different and their processes are unique. Using the industry standards is appreciated but having your own customized, and standardized method can be your competitive advantage in making your company more innovative and profitable.

This is especially true in the case of very niche use cases where you need custom measurements for your manufacturing company. In these cases, having a generic solution slows down the process since capturing, approval, and communication can vary quite a bit depending on the company.

We strongly advise you to have a customized solution for your unique requirement, which enhances your team's productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing process.


Having a standardized capturing, approval, and other methods help tremendously in terms of saving time, reducing painful and error-prone data entry, and analyzing the data for any quality or other improvements.

It also provides visibility across the entire supply chain, which helps you quickly identify any issues or bottlenecks that can be resolved quickly.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can be hyper customized according to your own business needs and processes. You do NOT have to develop your internal applications or workflows since Hooper can already do that by integrating with any of your existing ERPs and or other collaborative and valuable tools.

In Hooper, you can capture any kind of data such as, for example, a measurement data in form of text or even image which can start an approval process automatically and notifies the relevant manager and upon his approval will communicate and generate a report and emails it to the appropriate parties.

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Team Hooper Labs