The Smartest Way to Manage Your Product Catalog

Team Hooper Labs
November 15, 2021

In traditional B2B business, the entire product or service catalog is nothing but a bunch of excel sheets. Each product or service may have multiple versions, attributes like sizes, colors, etc., and this results in a ton of excel sheets for every variation.

This creates a lot of friction and errors in updating and maintaining the latest information of the entire catalog down to the minute details. This leads to miscommunication or lack thereof to your sales team, who promise old prices to your new leads, etc., which will eventually hurt your credibility in the market.

In this fast-paced world, we require an automated and foolproof method to capture the latest changes and update the catalog with just a few clicks.

We recommend having such a system where managing and updating your entire catalog needs takes only a few minutes and should be immediately reflected in your quotations and BOQs.


Having a fully automated catalog system that only requires input in case of price changes or any other changes will be a boon to your company. Forget all the excel sheets, error-prone data entry, and Google drive backups of old catalog files.

An automated catalog enables your sales team to quickly recognize the new changes and helps them to adapt this to their new or existing leads.

This also quickly reflects on your newly generated quotations and BOQs.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can manage your end-to-end catalog in a format that you define. It only needs additional inputs when there are any external changes like price drops, new variants, etc.

Since everything is on the cloud, you do NOT have to worry about the backup of your catalog. Hooper also has a version control ability where you can pull out a catalog version in the past or update the catalog to a new version altogether.

As soon as you update the catalog in Hooper, it will get reflected in every other application and workflow throughout the Hooper platform that depend on the catalog for their functioning. For example, the quotation generation application inside Hooper does not need any additional tinkering after you update the catalog. As soon as you update the catalog, the same information is reflected in your latest generated quotation as well!

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Team Hooper Labs