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What is Low Code?

Traditional enterprises are heavily invested in conventional ERP. Their teams and trained and their data is residing in these systems and these systems have indeed become a system of record. These ERPs' agility are being challenged with inception of mobile and cloud.

These ERPs currently used are very slow, lack agility and are very expensive to apply to anything other than mission critical applications.

There is a call for a light weight, easy to configure, zero code, business-centric technology that business teams can design solutions with.

Platform Overview

Low Code Vs Traditional Development


Intelligent Business Productivity Platform

Business productivity driven by the power of intelligence

Automation and Workflows

Hooper uses the power of automation and elaborate rule engine to simplify ability to eliminate human errors, improve productivity and efficiency in several business cases.

Speed of Publishing and Engagement

Hooper enables businesses to publish and manage a wide variety of business apps web and mobile for both business users and consumers, by simply understanding their business use case and business flows without writing a single line of code. Hooper’s no code platform enables instant availability of apps, third party API, reports and dashboard in hours/days.

Ease of Integration and Interoperability

Hooper uses the power of its simple to use elaborate integration framework that gives businesses to work in conjunction with existing ERPs and other legacy systems to enable wide variety of business functions including messaging, web hooks, call restful APIs, consume data from external apps, share data with external apps.


Hooper AI enables taking natural human experience to translate to meaningful business processes using machine learning and other AI models.