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Hooper brings powerful data orchestration to address distributed information across the enterprise. Its hyperautomation & low-code app platform manage & deliver information to the right people, at the right time.

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“65% of application development activity will be low-code by 2024”

A Global Clientele

Revolutionising businesses all over the world with solutions as unique as your business operations!

Prioritize Business Intelligence that
helps you create Workflows

Hooper helps you execute strategies and processes with Rapid App Development (RAD), enabling you to design workflows of your business enterprise with a 'Drag-and-Drop' based visual designer. Manage teams and integrate with legacy systems for enhanced agility and frictionless functioning.

With Hooper, you can create solutions which are tailored to your needs. From creating a complex sales management system or a simple registration portal, do it all - without coding!

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Accelerate Your Business

Build your professional ecosystem, the way you want to!

Visual Development

Hooper is a visual development based platform - anyone can create apps and solutions without having to write code. Encourage your teams to create their own tools with an easy 'Drag-and-Drop' based interface.

Cut short your implementation time - from months to a few days.

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Enable quick onboarding and collate teams with e-invites. Aided with a highly customisable privilege control system, manage visibility and interaction on a field-to-field basis.

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Automated Workflows

Created powerful custom rules with no code. Trigger automatic notifications, task, events or flow data between two services. Custom workflows gives you the freedom and flexibility you need, to truly create a solution which is personalised for you.

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Hooper helps you execute strategies and processes quickly by enabling you to design workflows with a "Drag & Drop" based visual designer, it's super easy to add teams and integrate with your existing ERP system for frictionless functioning.

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Build Rapid Apps

Hooper has everything you need to build and deploy apps incredibly fast. Club together a few services and deploy a custom application onto the app stores within 48 hours.

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Empower your Business Processes!

Equip your business with a single source for financial, staff, and operational data for everyone to access real-time insights and make decisions backed by data

“Quality and visibility of inventory of our live animals is especially important for us to serve our clients in a timely manner. It is therefore important to record, maintain and report in accordance with international standards. Thanks to Hooper, both the management and our sales team have clear visibility.”
“Hooper has quickly gone from a data management tool to a complete backbone for our real estate and facility management business. We manage all our daily operations on the platform now and it keeps growing with us.”
Karthik Reddy
Founder, 3Way Services
“Using Hooper, we eliminated the bottleneck of providing a professional and fast inspection to our clients. We could achieve end-to-end inspection with over 100+ page reports within 72 hours, compared to 2+ weeks.”
“We could not have done without Hooper. Our entire spaces, visitors, support tickets - all digitized and reported in one single dashboard across all our locations.”
“Spaces & More owns multiple Business Parks and provides property services. Using Hooper, we were able to roll out multiple personalized services with minimum effort and at a lightning speed!”
Sunil reddy
“From our leads to our order submissions, follow up of clients and communicating professionally to keep them in the loop, Hooper has always been one step ahead to serve our manufacturing needs.”
r. v. kannan

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