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Close sales faster with Hooper’s flexible sales management solutions. Collate all your sales-related data into one platform and track leads - across sales reps and locations.

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Unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, user friendly interface, accessible from anywhere.
With Hooper, you are always ready to take on challenges!


Sales On Your Fingertips!

Be in charge of your sales process and improve efficiency with customer recall on a single dashboard

Your Leads. Your Processes.  One single Platform

  • Customize Hooper to align to your unique sales processes.
  • Reduce manual work by creating workflows that guide your sales reps through every step of the lead management process.
  • Automated actions - such as sending of invoices or documentation to customers, reminders for sales meetings/calls, rule-based lead assignments, etc. - help you focus on closing sales while Hooper does the legwork.

Always Be Closing - Wherever, Whenever

  • Our platform is mobile. Enabling your field sales teams this way allows them to find locations and update details of their sales opportunities on-the-go from their smartphones and tablets.
  • Something as simple calling a lead from the app, setting up a meeting and receiving an automated reminder decreases the friction in the sales process and helps leads focus on meeting their clients’ needs.
  • They can track all their clients and relevant data through our secure cloud.
  • Through user perspectives, they see only what they need to see - ensuring less clutter and more context.
  • You can view and track their progress across locations, creating accountability in real-time.

Manage and track all your leads from one place

  • Stop spending time and energy to collate data across regions and sales teams.
  • Hooper brings all your teams to one platform and guides them from through the process, from opportunity to customer.
  • People and processes, dashboards and reports are a few clicks away. This ensures that stakeholders are able to look at relevant data - conversion rates, pipeline info, number of opportunities closed by sales staff, revenue generation etc. This helps make decisions backed by data.

One platform for integration and workflow orchestration

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