Win Over Your Customers With Simple Order Tracking!

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

After your product went through manufacturing, QA & Packing it needs to be delivered to the customers. Dispatch involves assigning of the order to appropriate delivery partners and among various different routes.

This requires the entire order details like the type of product, the quantity of the product, the address of the customer, etc.

We advocate having this entire data on a single platform so that the dispatch manager can have access to it and make appropriate decisions.

We suggest having this entire data be sent to a dispatch manager who can go through the entire data and assign appropriate quantities and to appropriate delivery partners.


Having the entire data of all the stages on a single platform helps in sharing the same data to different departments as and when the requirement arises.

This cuts down the time for data collection and can be easily analyzed and assigned to various delivery partners.

This reduces the overall turnaround time of the order fulfilment.

How Hooper can solve?

Since the entire data is sitting on Hooper on various applications, we can create individual roles and actions which will be configured by you. Even though the entire data is on Hooper, it can only be accessed as a whole by the top management.

Only the relevant data is shared with relevant departments as and when required. In this case, the dispatch manager can only access the data that is relevant to him and this can be done quickly since the order data is already on the Hooper platform.

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Team Hooper Labs