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Team Hooper Labs
November 15, 2021

In the B2B setting, quotations can make or break a sale. The first biggest killer is the time it takes for your sales team to generate a quotation according to the lead's requirement and revert back. The more delayed your first quotation, the greater the risk of losing that lead. In the meantime, your competitor can steal your lead with quick quotation generation.

Using Excel and Word documents to create quotations makes it harder for you to track any changes, and you lose the version control i.e., the number of changes or discounts that made any lead conversion. It also makes your quotation generation tedious, error-prone, and a hassle to collate and manage.

We advise you to have a quick quotation or BOQ generation in place for your sales team to revert back to your leads quickly.

It is also beneficial to have a quick approval process for your quotations to meet your quality standards.


Having an instant quotation or BOQ generation option makes your sales reps more efficient. It also provides a rich experience and increases your professionalism with your leads.

Most importantly, it reduces your turnaround time and quickly moves the conversation to the negotiation stage with your lead.

Now you also have version control of your quotation that enables you to track a lead’s journey to a customer and the flow of negotiates and iterations of your quotations.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can quickly and instantly generate any quotation or BOQ you define on the platform. It also directly notifies the relevant team to approve a quotation or BOQ as and when required by any logic you define on the platform.

It also directly emails the quotation to the relevant internal teams and the lead. Hooper also keeps all the changes and activities done on any quotation in the activity log, where you can quickly identify who and when a particular change was made.

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Team Hooper Labs