Skip Painful Data Entry!

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

Data capturing is very essential in order to implement digital transformation. What is the use of a highly productive software if no one is using it to capture data in the first place?

We believe data capturing is central & essential at every relevant step of a process.

But what is the easier way to capture data these days? It is a smartphone. We advise you to always opt for any workflow where you can capture the data on the go with or without the availability of internet.
We recommend you to have a few kiosks with a tablet throughout the shop floor wherever data capturing and status reporting are necessary, instead of relying on your workforce devices.


Having a mobile workflow that can go with your team anywhere makes the entire flow seamless. Traditionally people used disconnected systems while they were on the go when compared to in an office setting.

But having a mobile workflows helps in data capture, status updates and other tasks to be updated on the same platform instead of disconnected systems.

This increases the data integrity on the platform which can now be used to analyze, compute or manipulate to make relevant business decisions.

Having a kiosk will eliminate your need to depend on your workforce devices and helps in much smoother user experience as well.

How Hooper can solve?

Hooper can run on Android, iOS & on Web. It is accessible on any mainstream desktop, laptop or smartphone. Hooper can directly be installed on your employees devices or on a separate device which you can use as a kiosk across your work floor.
Hooper can work offline as well and can sync up to the cloud when internet is available at a later point of time.

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Team Hooper Labs