Never Miss An Update From Your Company!

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

Instant and Constant customer communication is crucial in this digital world. These are the days when live tracking of orders from Amazon to Swiggy is a commonplace.

We firmly believe that touch basing with customer at every stage of order fulfilment is absolutely necessary and beneficial for both the customer and the company.


Keeping customers up to date with the entire process will help in setting customer's expectations which will in-turn increase the trust and credibility of your company. And your company looks professional and It also provides rich experience to your customer when they receive an instant email.

Your company's internal email notifications enable them to be on their toes to process and manage the orders.

How Hooper solves it?

Hooper can integrate with email providers and senders and can send an instant email to your lead or customer. This email is completely customizable, it will have your company logo and your own content and format.

Hooper supports both HTML and normal text emails.

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Team Hooper Labs