Managing 1000s of Orders per Hour, Without Any Human Errors!

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

It is commonplace to have multiple sources from where your orders or queries originate in Manufacturing.

Orders or queries will come from various sources like website form, a phone call to you or your sales team, or any other source.

We recommend you to have all of your order requests and queries at a single location like a cumulative excel sheet or organized in any ERP you might be using.

A system that is both automated in terms of capturing any digital form of order or inquiry and which also allows you and your team to manually enter the details from phone calls or message is a boon in this scenario


This system will reduce your document management efforts of creating new documents for every query or order source.

And will thereby reduce human effort and human errors.

Having all your orders in one place will allow you to analyze the entire database and draw valuable customer insights and help you make better business decisions. 

How Hooper solves it?

Hooper can integrate with any website backend and get the information of the lead or order directly into the internal Hooper application that you configure according to your business needs.
Hooper applications can also be used to manually enter the data by your team members like entering the data of an order or lead which was from a phone call.

Since the entire order or lead data is on the same application level from various sources, it is easier for you to get visibility into the entire orders or lead queries.

The data then can be sorted, analyzed, and manipulated to get desired results.

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Team Hooper Labs