Have An Efficient And Easy Order Assignments.

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

Managing the entire supply chain is not an easy task. You may have different manufacturing facilities or different teams to take care of different product lines.

It is essential to assign your orders or leads to appropriate teams as soon as possible!


Assigning the right orders or queries to the right team makes the process more efficient. It helps your team to get more streamlined and save quite a lot of time. Each team will get their action items as soon as the order or query was placed and can start working immediately, reducing time around time.

This drastically reduces the total turnaround time for your order.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can be configured to send email, push notifications and SMS to notify the relevant teams as soon as an order or query is placed.

It will be automatically be sending emails to the relevant teams and be notifying them before a deadline and at other events that can be customized.

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Team Hooper Labs