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Team Hooper Labs
November 15, 2021

Requirement gathering for your leads, especially in B2B settings, can be challenging if your sales reps use various capturing methods. Some use notebooks, papers, WhatsApp. They take pictures if necessary and may even use emails in some scenarios.

These methods may accomplish the task but often cause a headache to you to collate or gather the data at the end of every month or quarter.

We strongly advise having a standardized capturing and reporting method that is frequently backed up on the cloud.

Everything should be on the same platform and should follow the same process. This platform should also ideally be capable of generating instant Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) and or quotations right then and there, based on the requirements gathered.


Having everything in the same format and a single platform makes collation and data analysis very accessible and easy. You can generate regular reports with just a few clicks and know your current standing in any or every department in your company.

This unified storage also helps the sales team quickly access the product or service catalog and generate BOQs or quotations that can be shared with customers quickly, thereby closing the lead faster.

This can also be the case with sharing internal department status updates among your departments to streamline your entire company processes.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can quickly capture all the requirements in a standardized format that you define. It can instantly capture and backup the entire data over to the cloud or work offline and sync to the cloud when the internet is available.

Hooper can also generate instant BOQs and quotations and email them to relevant internal teams and customers. It can give you visibility across your entire company through dashboards and regular reports.

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Team Hooper Labs