A New Era Of Integration With Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

Team Hooper Labs
November 9, 2021

Been using MS NAV for a few years now, but need new functionality that MS NAV does not have yet? You do not have to get rid of your legacy ERP with your historical data in it.

If you have the order details and historical data on your existing ERP like Navision, you need to build a layer on top of it, if you want to build any additional functionality. Touching or accessing the entire historical data is risky unless you want to completely migrate the data to a new ERP. In which case it can take up to months for the entire migration.

Any new functionality you choose to implement, must complement and work together with your existing ERP (Navision), having a seamless data synchronization to and from the ERP.


You don't have to risk your entire historical data to build new functionality. You will have the benefits of both, your traditional or legacy ERP which still maintains your data, and new functionality that is built on top of it to make you more effective.

How Hooper can solve it?

Hooper can directly integrate with MS Navision to fetch any data both ways. Hooper checks the stock from MS Navision every time there is an order placed and assigns it to the relevant team with the help given by Navision's data based on inventory status.

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Team Hooper Labs