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Premium Construction Management Solutions

We build the blocks of your real estate project by providing a comprehensive digital visibility of your management – operational, procurement and sales all from a single dashboard.  

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Why EZ Infra

as your Construction Management Solution

Seamless Project Management
Reduced Customer Acquisition cost
Smoother Procurement Operations
Centralized Dashboard for complete Visibility

Essential Solution for Real-Estate

From using process automation to create workflows to centralizing database for diligent monitoring, EZ Infra provides real time insights to your tasks and progress!

Manage your real estate site in real-time

End to end visibility and details on

  • Location, plans, architects and agreements
  • Timelines – Future plans, delivery and launch dates
  • Status of construction - progress with pictures and other documents

Sales Management

Manage the entire sales cycle through one app. Sales team will have information on:

  • Availability of units
  • Scheduling site visits
  • Tracking and pipelining customer journey
  • Booking confirmation and updates to accounts team

Team Performance Overview

Monitor your team and progress in real time:

  • Attendance management for vendors, contractors, and staff
  • Dedicated channels to view team progress and deadlines
  • Dashboards on projected timelines versus actuals

Procurement Management

Be updated on administration and raw materials procurement processes:

  • All purchases and material procured – details, cost per sq.ft. and per unit cost
  • Payment cycles and approvals linked to accounting team
  • Contracts, agreements and escalation matrix

Payment Flow

Monitor the payments of all the customers from a single dashboard:

  • Full Details of bookings, negotiated price, customer details and expected date of delivery of the unit
  • Details of customer payments and receipts, schedule and outstanding amounts
  • Dashboard and pictures of receivables and payables
  • Vendor payments and schedules
Srikanth Tirumala
CEO, HooperLabs

EZInfra is an essential solution to every construction company that expects to be geared up for future and looking to grow in these trying times. It is holistic, extremely easy to setup, flexible and extremely affordable

Tripti Manghnani
Head of Sales, Hooper Labs

EzInfra very simply aims to do one and one thing only- solve pain points for real estate developers.  Through our comprehensive apps for project management, sales funnel management and payment tracking- we aim to provide data and tracking at the fingertips of proprietors/ company management.

Start managing your project development & sales activities with EZ-Infra